Introduction of International Cooperation Department

8/21/2020 10:41:44 AM
The International Cooperation Department is established through separating the International Cooperation Section from the Department of Science Management and International cooperation.


Counsel the Board of Rectors in organizing, implementing and managing the fields on the International Cooperation.


1. Exploit and search for the information on the international relations with foreign partners.

2. Build and carry out plans/ programs on the International Cooperation.

3. Organize and facilitate the outbound visits of the delegations of HDU to its partners in other countries as well as the inbound visits to HDU.



4. Manage and build the International Cooperation projects and programs

5. Cooperate with the related departments to receive and manage the international lecturers and students work/ study at University.

6. Combine with the related departments to organize International conferences/worshops.

7. Directly negotiate/sign the Memorandum of Understanding with international organizations/universities as entrusted ; keep a close watch on signed documents.

8. Guide the other departments of the university to develop the cooperative relations with foreign partners, simultaneously manage closely the international cooperation activities of these departments.

9. Report and evaluate the results of the implementation of signed cooperation activities; receive, process and archive the documents in terms of foreign affairs as well as the documents from international organizations/individuals.

10. International Cooperation on intellectual property.

11. Implement other tasks under the leadership of the Rector.